Loyalty program - FBS - FAQ

Loyalty program - FBS - FAQ

My gift looks different from what I saw on the site. Why?

In case the souvenir item you requested is out of stock, we can replace it with a worthy alternative of the same price category without prior notice. Souvenir design may slightly differ from one showcased on the website and in the Personal area.

Active clients and active trading days – why are these terms important?

Both terms are meaningful when it comes to requesting desired prizes. If you want to get a gift, you need to not only earn enough prize points but also to consider the number of active trading days (for traders) or active clients (for partners). 

For example:

You want to get iPhone X 256 GB.

- If you are a trader you have to earn 500 prize points and 30 active trading days. These are the days when you, as a trader, close at least one order. The difference between the Open and Close price must exceed 59 points.

- If you are a partner you have to earn 500 prize points and 30 active clients. These are the clients who own a fully verified account and make orders for which you as a partner get a commission. The clients automatically stop being “active” if their verification is canceled. It means that you stop getting points for such a client.

FBS starts counting active trading days and active clients right after you join the Loyalty Program.

Are there any limitations for joining the Loyalty program?

No limitations apply if you have a fully-verified FBS trading or partner account.

I stopped getting points. What is wrong?

Several reasons may cause this. That’s why we advise you to consult our 24/7 support team. They will solve all your issues with an individual approach and in a timely manner.

What is a membership card?

Starting from the Silver status you receive a membership card. It shows how much we appreciate you being a part of the FBS team.

Besides, if we organize by-invitation-only VIP events, you’ll be able to use this card to get in.

How can I upgrade to a more privileged Loyalty status?

Once you join, you are assigned with a Green Loyalty Status. It is your first step in the program but even here you have gift options. To level up to other statuses you have to fulfill the certain conditions. To see your progress to the next Loyalty status perform the following actions:

  • Go to your personal area.
  • Click “Loyalty program”.
  • Click the status icon. You will see the chart that shows how many status points and total deposit you have to earn to upgrade.

Are gifts delivered for free?

In most cases the delivery is free. However, some countries may require a customs duty. If this is your case, follow the steps:

  • Pay the customs duty
  • Scan the receipt
  • Take a photo of the prize that you got
  • Send both the receipt and the photo to [email protected]
  • Once we get your message we’ll reimburse the customs duty amount

Can I get two identical prizes if I have enough points for them?

You can get one type of gadget per each Loyalty Status.

For example:

- You have the Silver status. You have fulfilled all the conditions and can get an iPhone. Once you upgrade to the Gold status you can get another iPhone. The same procedure will repeat for the Platinum status.

- You upgrade to the Gold status. You haven’t requested an iPhone when you had the Silver status. It means that now you can get two iPhones. Keep in mind, that to do this you have to:

  • As a trader, save 1000 prize points (500 per each iPhone) and have 60 active trading days
  • As a partner, save 1000 prize points (500 per each iPhone) and have 60 active traders

What is the promotion duration?

It is open-ended. However, FBS reserves the right to change or update the Loyalty Program terms and conditions and the reward schedule at any time, with or without prior notice. The company reserves the right to cancel the rewards announced earlier.

How do I get Prize and Status points?

You get both Prize and Status points for closing an order. Traders get points for their own closed orders, partners - for the closed orders of their first level clients.

The points are credited to your account right after an order is closed.

If you own both trader and partner accounts, prize and status points are credited to all your existing accounts.

Am I going to be rewarded for a client who registers via the “Invite Friend” promo?

This promotion is not part of the FBS Partnership Program.

You are allowed to invite as many friends as you want but remember that they should be absolutely new to FBS and have no registered accounts.

If your friends signed up via the referral link and traded 2 lots but didn’t join the Loyalty program, they would receive the Prize points automatically upon joining.

Keep in mind that you are not getting Partner commission for your Friends’ trading.

Where can I see the full list of available prizes?

  • Go to your personal area.
  • Click “Loyalty program”.
  • Push the “Get your Prize” button. You will see the whole list of available prizes per each status. Besides, you see how many prize points and active trading days/active clients you have earned.

What is the “Cash for points” option?

When you have earned 100+ points, have had 5 trading days (for traders) or 5 active clients (for partners), you can use “Cash for points”.

The essence of this option is that Prize points are converted into real money. The exchange rate of such a transaction is 1 Prize point = $1. The option is applicable for all MT4 and MT5 account types (except for ECN). We can transfer money to your account in USD, EUR, or THB (depending on the currency you chose in the settings). For EUR and THB accounts the conversion rate from USD is applied.

You can withdraw your money via any of the available payment systems. If needed, you can perform an internal transfer.

How are Prize and Status points calculated?

Both Prize and Status points are calculated according to the same formula below:

Number of traded lots * Loyalty status coefficient

The coefficient depends on your Loyalty status and your role (trader or partner). Notice that for ECN accounts coefficients differ.

Your Role. Green  Silver Gold Platinum
Trader 0.5 0.5 0.6 0.8
Trader (ECN Account) 0.25 0.25 0.3 0.4
Partner  0.1 0.1 0.2 0.3
Partner (ECN Account) 0.05 0.05 0.1 0.15

For example:

- You are a trader with a Gold Loyalty Status. For 10 traded lots you get 6 prize points and 6 status points.

- You are a partner with a Gold Loyalty Status. For 10 lots that your first-line clients traded you get 2 prize points and 2 status points.

How can I get a private coaching session?

To get this benefit you have to earn 50 Prize points and save 10 active trading days (for traders) or 10 active clients (for partners). Once you fulfill these conditions, send a prize request and specify the desired time, topic, and means of communication. After that, an FBS regional analyst will contact you.

Whats the difference between Prize and Status points?

The main difference between Prize and Status points is that you earn them for different purposes:

- FBS Prize points are the points you can exchange for prizes and benefits. Every time you reach a new Loyalty status, you can get more rewards. Once you request a prize we deduct your prize points and you start saving for another gift.

- FBS Status points are the points you exchange for the more privileged Loyalty status. Once you reach the desired status we deduct your status points and you start saving them for the next status anew. Status points will not be deducted upon a gift request.

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